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, congressional republicans have held the full faith and credit of the united states of america hostage for political points and debates. instead of doing what congress has always done under both parties, allowing the government to pay the bills it has accrued. they decided to play a game of chicken with the global economy. reporter: paul ryan, we are told, is working on a budget plan that would balance within 10 years. it is expected that patty murray's idea of the budget will be quite different. but the bottom line is a lot of people who say we need the budget with this debt of $16 trillion are going, will be glad to get to the table and work on an actual budget speech you we will see how it turns out. mike emanuel, thank you very much be one a fox news weather alert. extreme winter weather is gripping parts of the south. arctic air and freezing rain expected from arkansas to the north carolina and south carolina area. dangerous driving conditions. up to a quarter inch of ice can accumulate. people in the upper midwest and northeast are wondering when the cold will end. another day of
? >> reporter: well, that's right. there are some who say the bill that was sent over from the united states senate included items that were not related to the new york metropolitan area's recovery from superstorm sandy, such as alaskan fisheries, such as repairing rooftops for washington, d.c. museums. and bottom line a lot of people are questioning whether that pork is being stripped out. take a listen to this. >> we don't do earmarks in the house. you saw the other night, i know susan is going to talk about it, you saw what effectively was a ton of earmarks coming in from the senate. and hurricane sandy, it has got $30 billion worth of earmarks in it effectively. >> reporter: what i've been told is, tomorrow we expect them to vote on some initial emergency funding in the house and january 15th, they're going to vote on the rest of the money but the house is working to make sure that the money is going only to storm victims and to those projects and not to other other unrelated matters, jon. jon: $30 billion worth of earmarks. no wonder we have a fiscal crisis in this country. mike emanuel
. >> why the israel does these things and united states does drone strikes is to get at problems earlier before they met -- metastasize into bigger problems. maybe they think we could attack israel and would distract from our own civil conflict. this is to act as deterrents to that sort of thing. there is obviously a short term risk there will be realtation from hezbollah or syria. that is why you've seen the iron dome deployments to israel. in the long run this is met to keep the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of groups like hezbollah. jenna: what do you think is happening now on the ground, michael, that israel would make this move now rather than, let's say six months ago? >> well i think, jenna, you look what happened in gaza for example. there was, seems as though there was probably intelligence indicating that big rockets were being moved into gaza. i think israel tends to act based upon indications of specific an imminent threats, just like the united states does. so there was probably some information that something was being moved from one place to another and of course
said the following. >> the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up there. i'm a united states senator. i'm a united states senator. >> reporter: hagel favors direct talks with iran and as well as hamas. and he was one of two senators to vote against sanctioning iran. >> he consistently advocated weakness with respect to our enemies, with respect to the nation of iran. he has opposed sanctions over and over again and the job of the secretary of defense is to be a serious, credible strength and deterrent and, unfortunately i think weakness in a secretary of defense invites could not flick because bulllies don't respect weakness. >> reporter: his defenders point out that chuck hagel valiantly in vietnam. he received two purple hearts there. knows what war is all about but his critics pipt out that was against the surge in iraq. he called it the biggest foreign policy mistake. he warned it would be the biggest foreign policy mistake since vietnam. obviously the surge turned out differently. he will face tough questions about those positions if he will take the helm at the defense
. remember in the boston fire it was the abg sill repower unit, the back up bath row that overheated and caught fire. it sits in the back of the plane and provides power when the engines are off. the path rethat overheated and led to the emergency landing of the japan airlines flight was in the front of the airplane. >> reporter: now i airplane. arthel: now it seems that the japanese and u.s. authorities are having different investigations going on. >> reporter: they are coordinating but going in different tracks. japanese officials seem to be focusing on the battery manufacturer. the batteries were made in japan. a boeing source tells me that the serial numbers of the two batteries that overheated are very close together, so the initial thought, or the hope was that it was a bad batch of batteries. as the investigation moves along i'm told that appears less likely. the source says investigators have not found any anomalies yet, plus the two planes were assembled about a year apart. the u.s. investigation meantime is focusing more on the entire electrical system and how the lithium e
as united states senator in the interim until that special election. uma: his appointment signals the start of the special election race. so far the only announced candidate is massachusetts congressmanned marquis. steven lynch and former republican seven scott brown have been mentioned as pass candidates. the seat was left vacant by senator kerry's confirmation as the next secretary of state. jon: right now toyota is dealing with another major car recall. rick is live at the breaking news desk with this information. >> reporter: in this involves bad air bags and windshield wipers. toyota is recalling more and million vehicles. the corolla, and the corolla matrix sold in 2003 and 2004. they have air bags that could deploy inadvertently. the bad wipers are on the ix models sold between 2006 and 2012, apparently the wipers don't work in heavy snow. toyota has reclaimed its crown out selling number two gm but recalls have been a problem for the japanese company over the last several years hurting the bottom line and these latest recalls will only add to those problems. toyota says that owners
of norovirus first emerging in australia. known because of that acid any 2012. now it is hitting the united states in 2013. adam housley has more on all of this. what is going on? >> reporter: this is being watched all across the country. this is flu season and flu outbreak numbers have gone up across the country. this is not flu. a norovirus, gastrointenstinal virus. when you have a new strain goes up by 50%. this strain first showed up on the scene in australia back in september. then it jumped over to the british isles. there are things you look out for, some symptoms we put together to give you idea what you need to watch for if this is something you might have. diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, fever as well. it also occurs and spreads quickly at health care falities, hospitals, nursing homes. we've seen that in utah in nursing homes. restaurants, cruise ships, schools, banquet halls and summer camps. we heard from dr. marc siegel about the danger of this. here's what he had to say. >> what norovirus has in common with the flu is that it mutates rapidly. it changes. becomes a n
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first and foremost for the countries in north africa and for the united states and the broader international community. >> reporter: to connect all the dots here, an al qaeda offshoot based in mali, known as the masked brigade, is believed to be the group behind this algerian kidnapping plot. jenna. jenna: more as the story develops. james. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jon: well new this morning, lance armstrong admits using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career. armstrong coming clean in a taped interview with oprah winfrey that aired last night. reaction is pouring in from the sports world and beyond including armstrong's livestrong foundation. casey stiegel is live from the foundation's headquarters in austin, texas. he was forthcoming in some ways you could say but evasive in others, wasn't he, casey? >> reporter: jon he admitted to blood doping and taking drugs like epo and testosterone. he said he did not feel wrong at the time. he said he did not feel bad about it and he did not feel like he was cheating. pretty bold and powerful statements when
worldwide. there has not been an accident in the united states in more than three years. it is the safest mode of getting around. more than 90,000 flights a day. nobody hurt or killed on a 787. jon: very rigorous testing that those air frames go through before anybody lets them fly. dan springer, in seattle, thank you. >> reporter: okay. jon: coming up we'll talk with someone who knows all about the importance of air safety. peter goelz, former director of the national transportation safety board. you want to hear what he has to say next hour. jenna: firefighters are on the scene of an emergency but really no flames anywhere. in fact a person was trapped between the walls. that's where the intense effort to rescue came in. and the one big question remains. as we know, jon, how did she end up there in the first place? how do you fall between two walls?. jon: i have got to find that out. jenna: we'll trying to figure that out for you. >>> we're awaiting new gun proposals from the president. he is set to lay out his plans within the hour. he will need congressional approval. part of it won't
in the united states as recently as last month, jon. jon: so this threat, what is unusual about it? going out via twitter is kind of strange? >> reporter: they really rely on twitter as well as social media as the new lifeblood. i have called it the digital jihad. that seems to be their primary method of communications. analysts who track al qaeda in yemen are questioning why the group would so publicly draw attention to its call for targeting the american ambassador and group called memri middle east research institute, says a part of the message has been deleted. they said the original message contained a photo or reference to many a ambassador chris stevens killed in the benghazi terrorist attack on september 11th along with three others positions and positioned along with ambassador stevens with a senior member of al qaeda in yemen. the group attaching this if you will, new target with the ambassador in yemen what they see as successful killing of the u.s. ambassador in libya, jon. jon: catherine herridge in washington. thanks. >> reporter: you're bell come. jenna: we will move to alaska
his appointment will improve relations between the united states and tehran, explaining, quote, we hope that practical changes are made in america's foreign policy and american officials adopt an approach tom respect rights of nations. another big issue as you know is the president's relationship with our biggest ally in the middle east, israel and its prime minister benjamin netanyahu. chuck hagel's controversial comments about israel including saying quote, the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people, have been repeated often in the last few days and he said those comments years ago to aaron david mill who advised six secretary is of state and is on our program. nice to have you on the program. >> thanks, jenna. jenna: i want to ask about the comments chuck hagel said a few years ago but in a moment. why would iran come out with this type of statement now? what does it mean? >> if they undermined hagel's nomination it is a perfect time. those who argue the iranians that like what they see because chuck hagel has no intention of even considering the use of force to deal with iran
'll turn to the economy now. a new warning about the united states and our credit rating as the debt battle kicks into high gear. congress has just weeks to increase our debt ceiling. fitch, a leading credit ratings agency, says a repeat of the 2011 debt limit crisis would spark a formal review of our country's aaa rating. that could mean a downgrade by them. now you might remember, s&p, a different agency, already downgraded our country in 2011. that was the first time in our history that that happened. the president is taking a hard-line stand, issuing a warning of his own to the gop. >> we have to pay our bills. congress has two choices here. we can act responsibly and pay america's bills. or they can act irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. but they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. jenna: republicans like congressman jason chaffetz blasting back against the president. >> i think the president was terribly irresponsible today. to say he will not talk about it because he is above it, but blame all of congress, in part c
have any information that may help the police. the first one is the victim's unit. the second number on the screen is a number you can call to leave an anonymous tip. you can also text the police in philadelphia as well. and there are two rewards, one is a $5,000 reward from the local police union for the arrest of one or both of these kidnappers, and jon the citizen's crime commission also offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to arrests and convictions in this awful case. back to you. jon: let's hope they get them, rick, thank you. jenna: breaking news on one of our top stories of the day. college football star manti te'o expected to speak later today about what is now called an elaborate hoax. the notre dame linebacker says he met a woman online, had a relationship with her on the phone and online for three years, and then was devastated last fall when the young woman died of leukemia. this very much became part of his narrative as a football star who lost not only his grandmother, but also his girlfriend, according to what everyone was told. now we learn that th
of them were being attached to some of those front-line units. secretary panetta plans to lift the military's ban on women serving in combat. that ban has been in place since 1994. the service chiefs have until january, 2016 to seek exceptions to certain things, certain units. women who have been affected by the ban say that they were denied promotions as a result of the discriminatory policy, jon. jon: what about women who are actively serving right now. what is the reaction? >> reporter: the reaction has been welcomed by those who joined the aclu, the american civil liberties union in suing panetta last year for these positions to open up. there were four service members who did sue panetta last year. secretary pa ne panetta had started this earlier in the year. he opened up 14,000 positions earlier this year. this is not new. i spoke to the first fighter pilot to fly in combat and she had this to say about the naysayers. >> the same arguments were being made back then that are being made now against this policy change that is happening in order to catch up with reality on th
religious and civic groups that sponsor scouting units the freedom to decide the matter for themselves. doug mckelway live in washington for us with more on this this would be a sudden reversal of policy right, doug? >> reporter: sure would, jon. only seven months ago in fact the organization reaffirmed its ban on homosexuality but apparently has come under tremendous pressure from two of its board members and some of its chapters to change its ways. the new policy, if adopted would allow individual chappers and troops to decide for themselves whether to accept gays. for families who have long seen the boy scouts as a refuge for traditional values the proposed policy change is deeply disturbing. >> the overwhelming majority of families in scouts adhere to a traditional bib lickal view of moral values which we think homosexuality is incompatable. we don't want our sons mentored by gay men. >> reporter: others say the scouts ha long had gays this their ranks who were forced to suffer silently with their secrets. we have a former eagle scout and an openly gay man. >> i work with younger people
. the senate of the united states hasn't passed a budget inover three years. harry reid has held the american public hostage by not presenting a budget. i know the white house is running behind in their budget proposal. the white house budget proposal last year got no republican votes and got no democrat votes. so if we want to look at what's best for our country in the future, we have to look at dealing with the spending from the standpoint of our own national security. we are vulnerable right now -- jenna: there's no accountability, right, senator? this has been going on and on, and so far there's to budget, and there's no budget. what can the american people do? what will it take to actually get that? >> well, and it's a violation of the law. the senate and congress has to pass a budget, but yet they refuse to do it, and today take, harry reid takes his orders from the top. the president, obviously, doesn't want a budget, doesn't want to face up to his own spending addiction which is putting us more dependent to other nations and, specifically china. that is the big problem with this admin
governments? >> well, senator, congratulations to you as well. and welcome to this committee. the united states notified to the libyan government the specific names of people who were serving in libya in both tripoli and in benghazi. that in no way affected the legal obligation of libya under the hague, under the vienna convention. the problem as i said was not their willingness. it was their capacity. and as you know, from the first time chris stevens arrived before the fall of qaddafi, he relied not on any libyan governmental security but on the february 17th brigade. we supplemented that after qaddafi's fall with ds agents, with private security contractors. so, there was no effect on anything from the libyan government that was related to that. however, we do think that need to be looked at going forward. the arb made a very important point. that the so-called temporary nature of the mission did prove to be confusing to people down the chain, responsible for reading those cables. we get about, i don't know, how many millions of cables do we get. i have to confess i do not read all th
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in this situation. jon: yeah, the iranians were supposed to sit down with the united states and some other nations for some nuclear talks, can't even agree on a location for the talks. it is thought that it might somehow handicap them if news of this thing gets out, and that's why they don't want to talk about it? what can you tell us about that? >> well, frankly, to me it's an interesting theory, in terms of what would make talks effective with iran. my own sense is that when a nation like iran, north korea handsome others -- jon: i'm sorry to interrupt. we have breaking news news. we'll have to go. jaime: just this n. let's listen to the president speaking to police chiefs about gun violence. >> sheriffs who are here today representing law enforcement officials all across the country who obviously share our deep concern about issues of gun safety and how we can protect our communities and keep our kids safe. you know, a couple of weeks ago i appeared along with joe to present the administration's ideas, in terms of steps that we have to take, on i issued a number of executive actions that could
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)